Welcome to the MUNe conference 2017


Dear esteemed delegates,

“It is up to each and every one of us to raise our voice against crimes that deprive countless victims of their liberty, dignity and human rights. We have to work together to realize the equal rights promised to all by the United Nations Charter. "

These words belong to Ban Ki-moon and call up on and remind all of us of our responsibility to stand up against crimes and injustice in the world as every human-being has the same rights: Human Rights.

 “Human Rights” is our main topic this conference as it is one of the most important pillars of the UN, the world and for peace. They are not secured or even achieved yet. In some countries people have to live under inhumane living conditions, suffer from poverty, inequality and or war.

It is our task to help achieving this goal of equality, justice and the possibility of living a living worth life for everyone. Of course this cannot be done by one. This is why Ban Ki-moon calls up on us to cooperate, listen to each other, unite our abilitiesand work together. Together we can make a change!

Of course we cannot change the whole world in three days with an MUN- conference, but we come a little bit closer to it by staying open minded, collecting or coming to new ideas while debating and raising our voice against those crimes.

With these words the Staff team wishes all participants a great MUNE conference 2017!


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